About the RELYON

Moderate to severe long term pain in children is currently treated with few medications, the main one being morphine. As for adults, therapeutic approaches in children are subject to permanent review and adaptation, always searching for effective and well tolerated additional options.

The RELYON study compares the effects of the pain medicine to be investigated against morphine. It will measure how well pain is reduced and side effects.

Children are not "smaller adults", their body systems react different from the ones of grown-ups. Administering half the pill meant for a 70 kg adult does not necessarily result in a 35 Kg child being adequately treated.

The RELYON study is tailored to collect specific individual data of up to 200 children and minors aged between 6 and 17.

The study will consist of:

During each visit a number of tests will be performed such as an ECG, physical examination, and blood and urine tests. In girls 12 years or older a routine pregnancy test needs to be performed. Throughout the study the patient will be asked to complete a diary, your doctor will explain this in much more detail during your first visit.

In part 2 of the trial patients will receive the pain medicine to be investigated for up to one year if needed. The patients can stop participating in the study at any time, and return to their routine treatment.

For more information on this study please contact your local clinic participating in this trial. You can find this information by following this link.

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